The Reason for this Site

Let’s face it.  At this point, without any readers, this site is nothing more than a glorified diary.  However, I have decided to begin this process to accomplish a few things:

1) it is a way for me to categorize thoughts, memories, and lessons that I would like to share with my growing son.

2) to provide my son with a leg up in the realm of personal finance by giving him a source of reference to the individuals that have inspired his father, thereby affording him the opportunity to be more fiscally fit and knowledgeable at an earlier age than when I discovered these principles at the age of 28 – thus allowing him, if he chooses, to have the opportunity to retire even earlier and fully enjoy the opportunities that financial independence can allow for.

3) it is a record of how we, as a family, have came to develop these goals we wish to achieve and to name what those goals are.

4) it is to be used to hold myself accountable for my actions along this path to our goals.

5) and, it is to chronicle our journey and adventures before, during, and after achieving our short-term and, ultimately, long-term goals.

I have a long way to go in terms of truly being as frugal as I would like to become; however, this site will allow me to show my faults, look back at where we started and have hopefully changed, and…maybe someday…have a community of readers/sharers that will provide both a community of support and a group with which we may discuss and share common interests and goals.  Maybe we’ll even make some friends along the way.  There are a multitude of frugal/early retiree blogs that I have gotten inspiration from, all of which will be discussed in a near-future post, and all of whom I aspire to be more like.  While they all may be more frugal than I will ever be, we, as a family, are working to incorporate elements of each into our lives, helping us to reach our goals as quickly as possible.  If, by some miracle, you are reading this…thank you…and I hope you will follow along on our journey, join us in conversation, and share any thoughts, ideas, and tips you may have.

-Frugal RN and Family

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