Ugly…but Practical


This image, now wrinkled and ruined, was the backing of a glass cutting board given to us as a Christmas gift before we moved away to college in 2010.  Ugly or not, we did what any decent people would do…smiled, said we loved it, and expressed our appreciation and gratitude.  While I have always found it to be rather hideous, the cutting board itself was and remains practical, functional, and an oft used piece of our kitchen ware.  It has served us well over the past 5+ years; however, it met its demise today while going through the dishwasher.  I had noticed the image starting to peel on one corner about a week or two ago…if this would’ve happened shortly after we got the thing, I would have rejoiced and quickly finished peeling it off.  Over the years, however, I have developed a fondness for it and, while grinning from ear-to-ear, pressed the sticky image back on as best as I could.

While temporarily repairing it, I couldn’t help but think about how, in today’s society, it is so easy to simply throw things away and run out and buy something new to replace it with.  Why are we so quick to do this?  While I don’t really like the idea of attaching feelings to inanimate objects, when I first discovered that this was starting to peel away, I couldn’t help but identify and attach a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality as I realized that this cutting board had traveled with my wife and I on three moves, from our first apartment together to our now-home that we share with our son.

While the cutting board, itself, remains functional and will continue on with us, tonight we say goodbye to our “deer friend” (pun, unashamedly, intended :-D.)

So, I’m curious…do you own anything hideous, while also finding it charming, useful, and practical?  Please tell me about it below…and pictures would also be awesome! 🙂


-Frugal RN

6 thoughts on “Ugly…but Practical

  1. One of the chairs in my living room is a plastic outdoor chair. This was supposed to be a stopgap until we found a chair we loved that suited the space. I used to hate it but kept it in place due to the practicality.
    A few years ago I stopped searching for a ‘proper’ chair. The chair suits the space,isn’t an eyesore and is surprisingly comfortable.
    I would have never guessed

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