Why do many of us choose to remain anonymous in the blogging world, especially when it comes to plans of early retirement?  Is it the fear of bosses and employers finding out about those plans?  Is it the fear of being treated differently, as an outsider, who is no longer part of “the team”?  Treated as though you are now expendable?

I am fortunate enough that I do not fear these things; rather, I just enjoy being faceless at this point in time.  Many of my coworkers are aware of my family’s financial goals and I am always open to discussing personal finance with anyone at anytime.  In fact, I have had several amazing conversations with my coworkers about not only my family’s plans but also their perspective on things, as well.

I do intend to reveal myself at some point in the potentially not-so-distant future…maybe after my braces come off and I reach my weight-loss goals in a few months?  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll just keep up the anonymity for awhile?

That’s not me!

My wife and I have had a general rule that we don’t share pictures of our son in the online world; this even includes with our family via Facebook…the horror!  I know!!  Our view is this:  the ease with which images can be copied, saved, and otherwise done who-knows-what-with doesn’t make us jump at the idea of having our son’s images floating around in cyberspace.  Maybe this is some strange  paranoia but he’s our innocent little guy and its just what we choose to do for now.  And please don’t take this as judgment if you choose to share.  We aren’t here to judge and we completely respect your choices as fellow parents.

I’m curious to hear from both sides of this fence on this one.  Why do you choose to share…or not share…your and/or your family’s face and true identity?  Also, if you don’t currently identify yourself, do you intend to do so?  If so, when?  What’s holding you up?


-Frugal RN

15 thoughts on “Anonymity

  1. I disclose some pretty private and personal things that I suppose I’d rather not have tied back to me by just everyone and anyone that might know me in real life. I can think of several occasions when happy parents have been trigger happy and shared too much online (i.e. newborn child in their entire birthday suit!) and I’m sure there are people sitting behind a screen, waiting to judge what everyone else is posting. So I definitely see where you’re coming from!

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    • You are definitely right in regards to some parents with their children. When I see things like that, I can’t help but wonder whether or not they really stopped and thought about the finality of posting things like that. It’s like I said, it takes nothing more than the click of a mouse to save and utilize other people’s pictures. While we don’t judge others for their choices, we simply choose to do things differently for now.

      I have, as of yet, not posted anything through my blog that I would not be open about in “real life.” Also, other people’s opinion are what makes life interesting, for without it, conversation would be extremely BORING…lol. There are somewhere around 7.4 billion people on the planet. As individuals, we are bound to disagree with a few and, if someone wants to judge me (or anyone for that matter) without maintaining an open mind to other possible points of view, I’m okay with that. There are plenty of other people, such as yourself and fellow PF bloggers, that I seem to be getting along with pretty darn well 🙂

      Thanks for your understanding; have an awesome day!

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  2. I just go with my face and first name. I feel like others can connect with me better this way. Or maybe it’s that I can connect with them more. Not sure. But it just never felt right to blog anonymous.

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    • That’s a very interesting point that I hadn’t considered when I was writing my post, as I was stuck thinking of it from the not-sharing point of view. It makes complete sense look like a very friendly guy! lol

      It’s like I just replied to Mrs. Unchained 55, it is the varying opinions between individuals that keep conversation interesting.

      While my name, Brandon, is on here, I enjoy being faceless for now. “Frugal RN” is like Mark Twain to my Samuel Clemens; I find it to be kinda fun!

      Thanks for sharing Ernie; it’s always nice to hear your point of view!

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  3. Having worked in a hospital for years both on the floor and now in the offices I prefer for most people not to know what happens when I am not at work(I have a few friends at work that we share everything). As we know nursing is the only field that eats its own young so I don’t tell anyone at work about my blog. I did just find yours and am enjoying it 🙂

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    • First off, thank you very much for stumbling on to my corner of the net!

      I just started following you and plan to comment on at least a couple of your posts shortly. I completely understand where you’re coming from; right now, I’m fortunate in that we live essentially in the middle of nowhere. What I mean by that is our hospital is rural and the majority of us that work here also live, literally, in the back yard. As an Indian Health Service facility, we have government owned housing available and we are all pretty familial; everybody pretty much knows everybody.

      While there are a few people here that know about my blog, I know of only one person who has read any of my content and that was a few weeks ago…not sure if she’s been back at all. But anyway, I understand your view on the subject; blogging is a nice way to open up to other (usually) like-minded individuals beyond the people you spend your days with. There’s Facebook (which I don’t have) for that! 🙂

      Thanks again for stopping by and looking around; I hope you decide to follow along! Have a nice day! 🙂


      • I enjoy your blog for two reason first off we are all trying to get out of debt and second I have great respect for male nurses. Believe me they have saved my bacon more than a few times!!!!! And I believe I checked follow but will check. Hope you dont find me boring….or my other problems I can talk forever 🙂

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        • lol…no worries at all; I enjoy the back-and-forth. I’m glad you enjoy my blog! Being a nurse is awesome; there is rarely a dull moment and it’s, in general, just an all around fun career to be in with endless possibilities of career direction. While I look forward to reaching the FIRE milestone, I do love what we do and see myself working PRN even after that point.

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      • I don’t have facebook either. Your hospital sounds much smaller than mine but I just don’t like drama. And really if I didn’t stay friends with someone from gradeschool or high school their is probably a reason!


  4. I blog anonomously because not only am I fairly private person but I wanted to touch on my relationships with others. I feel blogging this way also protects their privacy.

    In real life, I tend to section myself off and parcel pieces out. For example, through our interactions you may realize I can be anxious but unless I think you’ll understand and not use this tidbit against me I won’t share my complete experience. I’m a bit like that in my blog but mainly because those habits die hard.

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    • That is completely understandable and respectable. Trust me, you would never receive judgement from me. It would appear that your choice of anonymity allowed for your opening up in your latest post regarding the conference you attended recently. I’m sorry you experienced that but it sounds like you are in an incredible relationship; congratulations on that! Thank you for stopping by and sharing; have an incredible day!

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