Guiltless Pleasures

For me, this subject centers on food.  I love to grill…anything really…but especially steak.  My guilty pleasure (and guiltless splurge) is beef tenderloin.  This particular cut of meat at our local butcher runs between $8.50 to $10 per pound, and while I would certainly love for it to be cheaper, I find it to be worth every single penny.  Throw in a Yukon gold baked potato and a salad with romaine lettuce, and that is my idea of the perfect meal.  All three of those items have cheaper alternatives on a per-unit basis, but I honestly just don’t care.  I truly enjoy them and savor every bite, every time.

Next item…coffee.  My wife and I each average one cup a day that we make in our four year old Keurig.  We love and splurge on Starbuck’s blonde roast.  Mmmmmm 🙂

The reason I have no shame in splurging on these items is that the enjoyment, in comparison to other alternatives, my wife and I get out of eating these things far exceeds the enjoyment we would get out of saving the rather small amount of money by purchasing cheaper and less quality options.  We never go out to eat and, honestly, I would take that homemade meal any day over a restaurant steak.  It’s ten times more delicious and at least half as cheap.  Not to mention that since I started dieting, I eat less and now a $10-15 pack of steaks stretches across four servings, where it used to be two.

Is there anything you buy that, while pricier than other options, you have no shame in continuing to do so?

-Frugal RN

Update 3/9/16:  see Guiltless Pleasures (part 2) for more information on this topic 🙂

13 thoughts on “Guiltless Pleasures

  1. I purchase 90 percent of our meat,chicken and pork at Costco. Yes it is more expensive but the meat is cut in front of you, the quality is excellent and it is worth it to to me to have say ground meat that is 91 % fat free. I usually stock up on it every two months and then we seprate it for meals and such. What we put into our bodies is important so we eat very little processed food. I also pay for fresh in season fruit and veggies. We have a great program at our hospital called farm fresh where we can buy fresh from the farm veggies/fruit for only 15 dollars a large box. And so very worth it. They also have eggs from free range chickens for 1.75 which is cheaper than the store here.

    I also have a bread machine to make most of our bread again I can control what goes in or add things to make it a little healthier and I also use my mixer or bread machine to make pizza crusts and then par bake and freeze. So we can have wheat pizza. It also leads to us taking healthier breakfasts, lunchs and dinners to work and school. Sorry I know long post but quality food is something I feel strong about. I would rather but quality ground meat then drive through a Mcdonalds. And I think I am following you now…

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    • That all sounds awesome; we have eliminated a vast amount of processed foods from our diet since the start of the new year. I have already lost over 11 pounds, 3.5 inches from my gut, and feel physically healthier and better than I have in a long time. We were eating McDonald’s once/twice a month when we went out of town; then we went all of January without eating it, tried it once, and I thought I was going to puke 10 minutes later! Our vow to stay away was further solidified a couple nights ago when my wife saw a post on Facebook from a Chiropractor up in Alaska that bought a Happy Meal SIX YEARS AGO and has had it sitting on their front desk ever since…it looks exactly the same as the day she bought it! Google it – “Jennifer Lovdahl” “Happy Meal”; it’s freaky that we put that stuff in our bodies and call it food!

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      • I will have to read that. I don’t have facebook but I am sure I can find it. For me it was the whole pink slime scandal plus the fact that even at 1.25 a burger I can buy better quality meat-even if not Costco and make more burgers for dinner plus left over burgers. It’s funny the more you do it the easier it is. Like I said Sunday is a massive cooking day for us for lunch’s and such. In fact I am off to do a post on it.

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  2. I’ve been trying to cut down our grocery budget to $60/week, which doesn’t leave much room for choice cuts. But give me a choice and I’d be bringing home steak and lobster on the regular (which isn’t too far off from what was happening before the budgeting…)

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    • That’s awesome that you can manage that! I honestly can’t figure out how people cut their food budgets down so well…it truly puzzles me. I’ve never had lobster and can’t bear the thought of $20+ per pound to TRY it! Not to mention, I honestly don’t think $60/week would feed our 17 month old! lol….seriously! 8-|

      But I applaud those, such as yourself, that can manage that. We live in the middle of nowhere and our closest legitimate grocery store with a nice produce selection is about an hour away; that town is also where the meat locker is that we get our beef and pork from. Our closest Walmart is nearly 2 hours away and Sam’s is 3 hours away so the savings doesn’t pay to drive there too often unless we need to stock up toiletries and the like. I’m hoping we have a better year of gardening that can curb a little of our grocery budget…but I’m not stressing it.

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      • Wowww! I can’t compare then. Our closest Walmart is maybe 10 minutes away, and since we’re still in a new area, it’s also very very quiet! Our closest grocery stores are probably 5 minutes away, and the Asian supermarket is maybe 15. I’ve seen lobster on sale as low as $4.99/lb, so can you blame me for taking advantage?! It just seemed wrong to miss such a great opportunity!!! 😉


    • I am hoping over to your blog. I have cut my food budget but the lowest I have been able to go is 175 to 200 every two weeks. Unless I go to costco then its more. Now we don’t have any pets and its just three of us but we do take our breakfasts and lunchs with us. But 60 dollars amazes me. I do stock up also but I think the fact that you can do that is great


      • Well it is $60/week for 2 of us, dog not included! His food alone is about $80 for the month, so if we factored his in, it would be closer to $80/week. It was hard this week to do $60, so I think next week I’ll have to do more salads and less meats!


        • Still that is a great budget. Now do you have a certain store you shop at? There are three of us most times but like I said we take all our breakfasts, lunchs and sometimes dinners with us. We have cut back on red meat, do lots of salads and we also have breakfast for dinner sometimes just to shake things up. I will be glad when the prices of fresh fruit start falling here on the east coast.


          • I alternate between an Asian grocery store and Food Basics (not sure if you have that where you are?) I do find the Asian grocery store cheaper for a lot of things (especially meat) but not for everything, so you kind of have to know your prices and know which stores to shop at. I’ve also started using cash back apps so I’ll claim whatever offers there are as soon as I get home!


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