30 Seconds, $5 million

Yesterday, Generation YRA posted about what she would show Super Bowl viewers (just shy of half the United States population!) if she could purchase a 30 second commercial during the game.  Since I was at work, and also since we don’t have cable, I didn’t watch the game.  Nor have I watched any of the commercials online.  I did, however, enjoy this post over at Becoming Minimalist about some empty promises found in a few of this year’s ads.  Anyway, all this got me thinking about what I would love to see as a commercial during the Super Bowl.  Here it is…

I envision a very long couch with the likes of Mr. Money Mustache, Jeremy from Go Curry Cracker, Justin at Root of Good, Mr. Fire Station (FI and nearly RE!), and countless other inspirational people who have achieved FIRE seated end-to-end.

Mr. Money Mustache would start out the commercial saying something along the lines of “stop buying all that shit those other people are selling!”

The camera then fades in on each early-retiree and they would share the greatest benefit that financial independence has had on their life, as well as their greatest piece of advice.

To bring the commercial to an end, a list of personal finance blogs, including mine of course :), would scroll across the screen, encouraging viewers to educate themselves on the matters of personal finance, frugality, and the benefits of debt freedom.


While the ROI for this commercial would be non-existent, as there is no product being sold, the potential financial benefit for our nation as a whole would be worth it in my opinion.  Mr. Money Mustache had an interesting article titled What if Everyone Became Frugal? back in April of 2012 touching on this topic; while the past four years obviously hasn’t seen everyone in the country turn towards frugality, maybe this commercial could push a few more toward the edge.  I feel like 30 seconds might be a bit of a time-crunch though; maybe 2 minutes would be better….anybody got $20 million I can borrow?


-Frugal RN

9 thoughts on “30 Seconds, $5 million

          • Ok…am I honestly hearing ads for President’s Day sales on Spotify right now? President’s Day? REALLY! Companies are even using President’s Day to promote sales. Yikes. Ok, I’m better now…had to get that out.


            • I know, it’s ridiculous! Every holiday has been commercialized to the point that the true meanings are often lost. It makes me physically sick to my stomach, and incredibly sad, to see Christmas stuff out before HALLOWEEN! It gets earlier and earlier every single year. I remember when that wasn’t the case and it was actually an exciting time of year…I can’t even imagine what is to come during my child’s lifetime.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out – and what a fantastic idea for a commercial!! That would be incredibly moving, and I feel would serve as a call to action for more people to become more frugal. 🙂 Now, to get that kind of capital to back up a commercial…lol!

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    • You’re very welcome…thanks for the inspiration! I’d love to be part of that commercial just for the opportunity to meet all those guys. Maybe for that kind of money, we could get someone like Steven Spielberg to direct it and have some awesome special effects to really hype up the drama. Maybe that’d get some people’s attention…lol


  2. Don’t forget to throw in the prices of tickets, air fare, hotels, people who went into hock just to see a football game that was on tv. Oh sure money was spent in stores and eating out and everything in between. But at what cost? I admit I am not a football fan. I love hockey and college basketball. Maybe I am just a cynic but is it worth thousands of dollars to watch men suffer injuries that will haunt them the rest of their lives. And since I didn’t watch it I missed the commercials so no doritos or new cars or whatever else for me

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