Day 4: Personal Finance Goes to D.C.

Before continuing…if you haven’t already, be sure to start with my post regarding the Obama Administration Budget Proposalfollowed by Day 1 in this series.


What if I started a petition through the White House website regarding the Constitutional amendments I suggested yesterdat?  Would you be interested in signing on with me and sharing the petition with everyone you know?  We would need 150 signatures to get the petition into the public search area of the site and then we have to get 100,000 signatures in THIRTY DAYS in order to force a response from the White House.

While it is not the job of the executive branch to propose legislation, this would at least bring our united voices to Washington that we are tired of the same-old-same-old that continues to bury us under a deeper and deeper mountain of debt.  To note, there have been several legislators over the years that have put forth various forms of legislation calling for term limits; however, and most unsurprisingly, they never gain much traction and, from my searching, appear to just get buried in subcommittees where they never again see the light of day.  Shocking, right?

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So does obtaining the necessary number of petition signatures seem doable?  Also, if you are interested, do you have any suggestions for additions to the petition?  If you are on board, I will get the petition set up and put it in a new post to be shared.  Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

Knowing all of this, is it safe to say, revisiting the words of Thomas Jefferson, that we have effectively been swindled by prior generations?  What breaks my heart is that we continue to do the same to our children and future grandchildren.

God Bless America,

-Frugal RN


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