What would you do…

…if you were just handed $100,000 in cash (tax free) and told that you have the next thirty seconds to spend it any way you want?  Nothing is off limits.  Be “responsible.”  Blow it!  WHATEVER you want! Don’t overthink it.  Think fast, make gut decisions, and let me know what you’d do in the comments below!

-Frugal RN

21 thoughts on “What would you do…

  1. Easy. I’d pay off the $85,000 mortgage, $11,000 HELOC, and then use the remaining $4,000 on my student loan. It’s a reverse Dave Ramsey order, but it’s exactly what I’d do. Fun to think about!

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    • That’s sounds amazing Ernie! So no “fun money,” eh? Just kidding…how incredibly fun would wiping out that much debt be?!?! It really is fun to think about. This prompt actually involves a deeper topic, which is the subject of tomorrow’s post. Based on your answer, I don’t think the subject will really pertain to you, but I hope you enjoy the read nonetheless! 🙂

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  2. After paying off our debt:
    1) SUV … or another vehicle our Doberman could comfortably fit in
    2) Redo flooring in the house to vinyl plank (the ones that look like wood but are super durable and waterproof … i.e. Doberman-proof!)
    3) Finish painting main floor
    4) Finish kitchen (i.e. extend cabinets, redo counters)
    5) MAYBE finish up basement, if I can convince the Mr. we should rent it out 😉

    Your turn!

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    • Solid answer! We LOVE our Jeep Patriot that our 80 pound Boxer fits nicely in…just FYI 🙂 As far as number 2 is concerned, definitely go with waterproof! We laid laminate flooring this past summer (99 cents/sq.ft. due to not owning this house and, just a few ago days actually (what a coincident that you mention this!) our son pressed the Start/Stop button on our dishwasher and when it started back up, it FLOODED our kitchen floor and now a roughly 4×10 area has several buckled pieces! Thankfully, it remains functional, just unsightly! lol

      Finishing up your house sounds nice…no more leaving patches of unpainted walls! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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      • My dream car is a 4 door Jeep Wrangler!!! Just seems to go so well with the Doberman lol. But the awful fuel economy isn’t amongst the more horrific ratings so it’s definitely not a pragmatic choice. Our builder’s standard on the main floor was laminate flooring, and they wanted $10/sq foot just to change it to a nicer colour laminate! Nevermind hardwood or anything! So we opted to change it ourselves… we just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. Maybe after this HELOC balance is all gone!

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        • I love the Wrangler; but there’s not a lot of cargo room with the Doberman and if you start adding babies to the mix though! 🙂

          $10/sqft is rather ridiculous. We bought our flooring for 99 cents/sqft and didn’t waste money on the padding underneath. Lowe’s shipped it for free right to my garage. I did all the work myself over the course of about 3 weeks between work and baby nap schedules…lol. It was an awesome learning experience for our future forever home. I’ll admit that it’s not perfect, especially along walls that aren’t overly straight, but those imperfections can be covered with trim work. FYI, I didn’t remove the trim because it was super fragile and, if I broke it, I had absolutely no intention of replacing it. It looks great for my first flooring project, in my honest opinion.

          A word of caution…if you go this route, make sure you look at EVERY SINGLE box to ensure that you have the same pattern you want. In the 50-ish boxes I used, ONE box was a slightly different pattern. It is right in the middle of one of our bathrooms and it wasn’t noticed until my wife saw it after I was finished with the entire room! It’s still there and, while it irritates me at times, it’s actually a rather funny story…lesson learned! lol

          Also, don’t waste your money on any special equipment…a jig saw with several spare blades, a speed square, some shims, and a floor puller with a rubber hammer will do the trick. The rubber hammer really comes in handy for tapping pieces into place as you snap them together, as well. I’ll be looking forward to pictures if/when you guys get around to doing this; and while I’m not a pro, I’d love to tell you about my mistakes if you seek any advice! Keep me posted! 🙂

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          • The vinyl planks go for less than $4/sq foot (you can find some for 3 something) but we’ve been thinking about ripping out the carpets upstairs too. So instead of 800odd sq ft it would be over 2000 which drastically increases the price 😦 probably won’t be til next yr, at best!

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            • Oh wow! Yeah it can certainly add up quick. Our house is right at 1100 sq ft. Before my wife thought of our DIY project (lol,) we had an estimate done for having carpet and vinyl “linoleum” redone and it was going to cost over $4000! Not owning the house ourselves, there was no way were going to spend that kinda money. We’re super happy with how everything turned out though. I hope you guys find what you’re looking for; with that kind of timeline, keep a watch out and maybe you can snag a good sale and buy stuff in increments, rather than having to come up with all that cash at once. Just a thought?

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        • That sounds really nice. We are in the same boat with our 18 month old; we had considered heading over to Yellowstone National Park this summer but are reconsidering because we’re afraid he won’t really be up to all the walking and don’t want him to just be stuck in a stroller the majority of the time. We obviously want to (and definitely will) give him a lot of experiences, but we also want to ensure that those experiences are appropriate for his age and ability level, allowing for a much more enjoyable experience to be had by all.

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