Thought for the Day

To me, this quote it is the embodiment of achieving financial independence and the resulting early retirement that it brings.  FIRE represents unimpeded time with family and loved ones, time to nurture new interests and pursue new passions, and time to give freely of myself to causes that I find myself passionate about.

What does this quote mean for you?

2 thoughts on “Thought for the Day

  1. I like this adjustment! The first part alone has had me feeling that I should be using my free time to get another job or find ways to make my hobbies into cash generators.
    The problem is the minute I start doing that I become stressed.
    Rather this version let’s me off the hook. No amount of money can buy me the feeling of spending time with my family and friends or doing the things I enjoy.

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    • Absolutely! I experience this same type of emotion whenever I work overtime. The extra money is great, especially with regard to our financial goals. However, time with my family suffers as a result and it really sucks. I often think that it’s too bad I didn’t have an understanding of the FIRE mentality when I was younger. If I had been saving money since I got my first job at 16 (13 years ago) and figured out my career goals earlier, I could quite likely already be retired…or at least a lot closer than I am now, freeing up all of my time for my family.

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