One Lovely Blog Nomination

***To begin, I would like to extend an enormous THANK YOU! to Saving Without Scrimping for the honor of receiving this nomination!***

The rules are as follows:

# Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in the post.

# They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image. 

# Must add 7 facts about you

# Then nominate at least 5 people and let them know by commenting on their blog! 



7 Facts about me:

  1. I love to read, although I rarely find the spare time to do so…unless it’s reading to our son.  We read with him about an hour and a half, on average, every day.
  2. I am a sentimental sap and enjoy the moments of my life when I simply sit back and quietly observe my son learn and discover.  For example, a few weeks ago, I was putting away dishes when he walked up to me and asked me for a spoon.  After handing it to him, he walked over and sat down in the living room, pulled the lid off his spill-proof cup of Cheerios, and began eating them with the spoon.  He would spill a few, pick them up and put them back in the bowl, and then try again until he had eaten them all; now he’s a regular pro and it just makes me so incredibly proud and privileged to have him in my life.
  3. I love to cook and even considered studying culinary arts when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.  It was one of many ideas I threw around…even “space man,” as my LOVING wife would say!  Thankfully, I ended up in nursing and could not be happier with my career choice.
  4. Long before my wife was pregnant with our son, we had decided we didn’t want to the know the sex of the baby…and we actually followed through with it.  We had the answer in an envelope from the ultrasound tech but never peeked!  Our best friends, who live in Houston, TX, got pregnant about four months after we did and, once they found out they were having a boy, it became a running joke of whether he was going to be getting a wife or best friend from us.  The surprise of discovering we had a son at the moment of his birth was the single most amazing surprise I will ever experience.  When the doctor flipped him up, revealing his manly nature, the first words he ever heard me say were “holy shit!  It’s a boy!”  lol! 🙂  Back to that whole thing about being a sap…I freely admit that I cried like a baby when I first held him.
  5. I swear a lot; however, we have been attempting (failing? :-S) to drastically cut back because, although he hasn’t completely finished the word, there have been instances where our son has said “shh” that could arguably be an appropriate time to say “shit.”  In theory, we have the belief that they’re just words and they only have the power that you give them; however, we also know that he has the tendency to become fixated on some key words from time-to-time and would prefer that not be one of them! 🙂
  6. My wife and I have always loved going to concerts, although we haven’t been to one since she was pregnant.  We have seen the following bands (some of which were together for the same concert):  Nickelback (three times,) Default, Trapt, My Darkest Days, Seether, Daughtry, Staind, Aaron Lewis (incredible!,) Blackberry Smoke (three times – AMAZING!,) The Delta Saints, Billy Joel/Elton John (Face to Face Tour – greatest concert in the history of ever…seriously,) and Aerosmith!  I feel like I may be forgetting some but those are definitely the highlights.
  7. We are also St. Louis Cardinals fans and took our son to his first game last season in Denver (about 7 hours from us) and are planning to go back when they are in town this September.  On a completely unrelated note, because I’m on number 7 now, we enjoy going to live theater.  We have seen Wicked, A Christmas Carol, Chicago, and The Color Purple.  I feel like I’m missing one…my wife will let me know later today!  We really look forward to sharing all of these types of experiences with our son once he is old enough to enjoy them and are really looking forward to seeing The Lion King.  I saw it, as well as Aladdin and The Christmas Carol, when I was in grade school and loved it.  We hope to head to NYC one day and see some shows on Broadway.


My list of those who inspire me:

  1. Love, Laughter, & a Splash of Lunacy
  2. Purple Sweatpants
  3. Saving Without Scrimping
  4. Our Next Life
  5. Mr. Fire Station
  6. Northern Expenditure
  7. Unchained55
  8. Generation YRA
  9. Dad is Cheap
  10. How to Provide
  11. This is My Last Dollar
  12. My Mixed Up Money
  13. How to $tuff Your Pig


Thank you to everyone participating in this post; you have all been and continue to be an inspiration to me as we continue our journey.  It has been a pleasure to meet you all and I look forward to continuing to learn from each of you.  Have a wonderful day!

– RN on Fire

12 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Nomination

  1. Thanks for the nomination. It was fun reading about your passions and interests. Also, I could never have waited to find out the sex of my babies! Pregnancy was hard enough, I needed to know what it was ASAP. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re very welcome; I love following your guys’ journey and learning about Alaska. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve tossed around the idea of moving there one day, so learning the pros and cons from your first-hand experiences (and visiting ourselves, of course) will really help us decide if it’s for us one day. And about the babies, it was the most awesome experience ever! We had ourselves convinced we were having a girl for some reason so it really was incredible. If we have another kiddo, we will definitely do it again 🙂


        • That sounds friggin’ incredible!!! 😀

          We haven’t been to a show in a few years but are really looking forward to taking our son when we feel he’s ready. I imagine something like Disney on Ice will be first but I’m personally looking forward to seeing The Lion King again. We’ve been playing it on DVD while we play and our kiddo laughs hysterically and loves when we sing Hakuna Matata.

          So far, all the shows we’ve seen were at the Fabulous Fox theater in St. Louis, MO but hope to hit up Broadway in the next few years. I’ll be looking forward to hearing how your guys’ trip to London goes this summer! 😀


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