Coffee! :)

Thanks to my pal Ernie over at Purple Sweatpants, I have forsaken my love of Starbucks Veranda blonde roast.  My new love, Honest Roast Coffee’s Morning Blend is an organic, freshly roasted (literally four days before I got it and tasted my first cup!) coffee that is incredibly smooth.  It shipped two-day priority mail, so it could’ve been enjoyed a bit sooner but we only head to the post office about once a week so it likely sat there for a day or two.  My one-cup-a-day Starbucks has increased to two and even three cups with this new stuff.  It’s so good that I’ve even cut my use of creamer by about half!

We’ve been using a basic Keurig, with a reusable filter insert, for the past several years, making drip coffee.  I am currently practicing the art of delayed gratification, something that has truly alluded me my ENTIRE LIFE, as I ponder switching to a pour-over system, such as the Kalita Wave…also thanks to Ernie’s suggestion!  lol

I’m not really sure how long of a time span is appropriate for this delayed gratification.  I suppose the ultimate point of the exercise is to wait long enough that my rational brain comes to the realization that I function just fine without it and, therefore, don’t really need it.  Simply delaying an inevitable purchase seems to be, more-or-less, a futile process.  Meaning, my brain is currently operating on the assumption that I’m going to buy it, whether it be in the next two weeks, two months, or what-have-you.  So, as the purchase isn’t overly cost prohibitive, why put it off?

I’ve made several mentions of the idea to my wife and she seems okay with it (right, babe? :-D)  So who knows?  Maybe I’ll wait until next payday…maybe not?  Financially, nothing is stopping the purchase.  It all comes down to whether it’s really necessary and/or would add any additional joy to our lives by improving our enjoyment of our coffee, a guiltless pleasure that we both get great joy out of on a daily basis.  The Keurig continues to function appropriately, producing a fine cup of coffee.  However, we’ve noticed that, although not so often, it does occasionally put off a strong (burnt?) coffee smell that isn’t overly appetizing and results in a bitter tasting cup of java.  So would we truly be happier with a different brewing system?  That’s the million dollar question.

I’m curious…when you find yourself considering a purchase such as this, what do you do to help yourself make an appropriate decision and avoid cognitive dissonance?

– Nurse on Fire

16 thoughts on “Coffee! :)

  1. I’ve had the same thinking with our coffee machine and talked myself out if it. Coffee just doesn’t make me that happy, but I’m not a huge coffee drinker. There are plenty of other things i have bought instead 😉 I have a list of ‘things I didn’t buy’ and use that sometimes as a reminder of things I’ve longed for but didn’t end up buying.

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  2. There are few things in life I really enjoy. Coffee is one of them. I have flown half way around the world leaving pants and shirts behind so I had space for it. So trust me when I say I understand. I cant think of much better things in life than sitting with fresh crisp salty sea air, the sun peaking up over the horizon and gently sipping on a fresh brew. I take my time and savor the moment. It becomes more than a great cup of coffee, its a frozen moment in time to collect ones thoughts and plan ahead. Hmmmm. Heaven. Dan

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      • Hey, Thanks. South American and Central Africa have a huge range. If you can get the beans and grind them yourself, that’s even better. I get a small amount at a time, then keep it in a air tight container in the fridge.(Helps it keep its aroma etc) Blend different brands as you feel. Half the fun is finding what you like best. Some really expensive types are not all that great in my humble opinion. Slowly work your way through all the regions and types and find what you like the most. What I found makes it really great is the whole ritual. Find your relaxing spot and give yourself a bit of time to relax and sit back in your favorite chair. Its your 15min so try be present and enjoy what you have worked so hard for. Also don’t burn the coffee with the hot water. I am at sea level so my water boils at 100 degrees C. I did not buy a expensive machine instead I got a plunger. Simple and easy. Rather spend the money on the Coffee. ( Professional tasters do it that way) Once you get into it, it can be quite exciting. Hope this helps. Enjoy..

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        • Thanks a bunch for the tips. I’m pretty stuck on this latest stuff I mentioned in the post but I will have to work on some experimentation eventually.

          That’s interesting you mention storing your coffee in the fridge. I’ve read before not to do that due to the grinds absorbing fridge smells…guess it just depends on what’s in there with it. Thanks again. It’s nice meeting you guys; looking forward to reading more from you. 🙂

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  3. There are few things in life we truly need or must have. In theorry, only buy items that make you happy.
    If coffee is important for you, then a good quality machine could be the right thing to do.

    At our home, we really love tea. SO, we spend some money on quality tea, rather than the standard tea you get in a big grocery chain. We also bought a great tea maker, including the bottom art where you put a candle to keep it warm. We love it!

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    • That’s my rationalization for wanting to get it so I’m glad it makes sense. I’ve seen the tea sets you speak of and they are extremely nice looking. I’m more of an iced tea person, myself, so decaf Luzianne gets my money if/when we buy it…lol. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  4. I also consider if the purchase aligns with my time. I went all-in on the coffee because (1) I love coffee and (2) I have the time to make a great cup of Joe every morning (and some afternoons 🙂 ). On the other hand, I won’t be taking that same plunge with golf. While I really enjoy golf and could easily fall back in love with it, I’m not committing to it at this point because I just simply don’t have the time to consistently play golf. Last year I played once and the year before I don’t even think I got out.

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    • That’s a good way to gauge the worthiness of a purchase. The nice thing is that if, for some reason, I don’t have time, the Keurig would still be available. And I hear ya about golf. I haven’t played in several years, although I do have a decent set of clubs. By decent, I mean cheap because I suck anyway so why spend a fortune? lol. Not to mention they’re currently stored in my parents attic back in Illinois. Maybe I’ll do the stereotypical thing and golf again when I reach retirement! 🙂


  5. Hey man…yesterday I got your gifts in the mail – THANK YOU! You totally didn’t have to do that, but I really appreciate the thought. That dream catcher is a beautiful piece of art. Again, thanks so much!

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