2016 Goals: March Update

Progress Report


  1. CMSRN credential
    1. Still gotta get into studying so still nothing new to report here.  I suppose I could be studying instead of writing this…but where’s the fun in that?  🙂
  2. Pay off at least $20,000 of debt.
    1. Paid off $3,565 this month!  This is due, in part, to working a few days of OT, as well as cashing in $465 in credit card rewards and having it applied to the credit card balances.  This puts our year-to-date debt payments at $7,731, meaning we are at 39% of our $20k goal for 2016.  If we keep this pace, we are set to pay just shy of $31,000 in debt this year.  However, we are planning a few trips over the next few months that will cut into this, so we’ll see how things continue to progress.  All-in-all, I couldn’t be much happier with our success thus far!
  3. Weight loss:  weigh 200 pounds by the end of February (complete) and 185 pounds by the end of April – monitoring with weekly weigh-ins
    1. Weekly weigh-ins completed:  as of my last weigh-in for the month, Tuesday the 29th, I weigh 189.2 pounds with a 36.5 inch stomach.  Total weight-loss year-to-date = 25.2 pounds and 5.5 inches off my gut, keeping me on pace to reach my goal by the end of April.  😀
  4. Increased meal planning with eMeals
    1. Diet continues with improved food choices and decreased processed foods.  We are still enjoying our REAL Wisconsin cheese and are making an attempt to cut back on our store-bought bread, as we realized that it has cellulose powder in it, as well.  Homemade bread costs about 1/4 the amount of store-bought, makes some incredibly delicious French toast (which my son and I make every morning :-D,) and we know EVERY ingredient that goes into it.  While I don’t anticipate being able to keep up with replacing all of our bread, simply due to time constraints, every bit helps.  Hopefully we can turn it into a regular habit and part of our normal routine, saving us money and further improving our general health.
  5. Month-to-month junk food buying ban
    1. No change here…the ban continues!!!
  6. Decreased soda :  $24 = 3 cases/month
    1. I continue to average about 3 cans/day so I’m a little over “budget” but not stressing about it.  #Balance
  7. Using our treadmill for at least 20 minutes per day when I am off work
    1. This one has been a no-go this month.  However, up until it snowed a few days ago, we’ve had some super nice weather this month and have spent a great deal of time outside with our kiddo, keeping us relatively busy/active with him.
  8. Improved planning and crop yield from the garden
    1. I’ve plotted out my tentative garden plans on an Excel spreadsheet (color-coded and beautiful :-D…lol) and even ran the tiller through the larger of the two plots.  Due to the nice weather we’ve had, our strawberry plants that we planted last year have begun sprouting.  Some of our lily bulbs have come up, as well.  HOPEFULLY, the few inches of snow we just got (and the presumed snow in April/beginning of May) doesn’t kill them all!
  9. Read a minimum of 5 books in 2016
    1. I finished James Patterson’s Along Came a Spider (an excellent book,) and am now working on Glenn Beck’s Agenda 21:  Into the Shadows, the sequel to the book I read in January.  After I finish it, I think I’m going to work on Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time…we’ll see.
  10. Increased personal time and appreciation for my wonderful and loving wife, who is the greatest momma I could ever hope to have for our amazing son.
    1. Although my wife and I have been together for nearly 11 years, the 25th of this month was our 2nd wedding anniversary.  Our day consisted of an out-of-town lunch date with our kiddo at Pizza Hut and a milk shake from Frosty’s.  The pizza was mediocre, at best, but the company was spectacular!  😀  We had a busy evening so she and I ended up having a late dinner after our kiddo went to bed…we fed him, I swear!  I grilled some incredible steak, alongside a humongous, delicious salad and we relaxed on the couch, watching some Hulu.  Couldn’t ask for a better day!  😀

Overall, the Nurse on Fire family had another successful month.  I would like to say thank you very much for your time and, if you’ve been following along with our family, I’m truly honored.  If you’re not yet following along, we would love for you to join us for our journey.  Please follow along through WordPress (if possible) or sign up to receive updates via e-mail.  Thank you, again, and have an amazing day!

– Nurse on Fire

12 thoughts on “2016 Goals: March Update

    • Absolutely! It’s an excellent way to hold myself accountable, as it is a monthly reminder of both progress I/we are making, as well as a spotlight on where I need to step it up…like the nursing credential I would like to obtain this year. :-S I’m not stressing because it’s not a life-and-death matter to get it done by the end of this year, as the vast majority of nurses don’t do it…but I just WANT to! lol

      I’ll be looking forward to hearing more about some of your other goals, as well. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much; you’re definitely right that finding personal time can be extremely challenging. Our son is only 18 months old and yet it’s actually a little sad to realize just how quickly he’s growing and that we’ll be just us two again before we even know it.

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