Weekly Photo Challenge (4/1/16): Landscapes

I happened to run across this weekly photo challenge and, since I just happened to be perusing through some pictures with my wife the other night, I thought I’d toss a few of my own into the mix.  While I’ve been lucky enough to capture what I feel are some pretty decent shots from time to time, I still need to practice more and I have a LOT to learn.  Thankfully!  I mean, who really wants to know everything?  That would be stupid boring.  Anyway, the tablet I’m currently on doesn’t have Photoshop or Lightroom (which I also still need to learn :-D,) so these pictures were touched up using the pre-installed photo editor on my Microsoft Surface 3.  For a greenhorn in the realm of photography, I don’t think they’re too shabby…even if I do say so myself…lol.  I hope you enjoy them!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until next time,

– Nurse on Fire

4/3/16 Update:  I installed Lightroom on my tablet this evening so I changed the original layout of this post to include an added copyright watermark and changed the display to run as a slideshow instead of having the images show up individually.  Otherwise, no additional adjustments to the images were done from what I stated above.  For those of you who have already viewed and liked our photos, and for any and all who come after you, THANK YOU!  😀


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (4/1/16): Landscapes

    • Thank you! My wife and I lived 4 hours south of Chicago all our lives until a couple years ago, but yet I’ve never been to Navy Pier. Definitely wanna make that happen though. Thanks for making me think of that 🙂

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