If We Were Having Coffee…(4/23/16)

If we were having coffee, we would, presumably, after several sit downs together, eventually get to the topic of politics.  While I’m starting to believe that politics may be an even bigger taboo subject than money and financial matters in general, by this point we would have developed a well enough rapport with one another to bridge this subject.  I’d tell you how I believe that double-standards (i.e. you must accept my differing view or else I will berate and destroy you…but if you do disagree with me, I won’t accept your view and will continue to berate and destroy you) and political correctness are putting a muzzle on our First Amendment right of free speech; not the legal right itself, but rather our free-thinking exercise thereof.  On that note, our Founding Fathers would be spinning in their graves if they knew how everybody is constantly tiptoeing around other peoples’ feelings for fear of being painted as offensive, sexist, racist, elitist, cold-hearted, or any other adjective that gets thrown around at anybody who may have a differing opinion from that which is “in” at any particular moment.  I believe that this stifles conversation and honest discussions, leaving the majority, who remain silent out of fear, to be subjugated to the whims of others.  I’d tell you that, while I’m not overly engaged in the political process, I am a conservative-leaning registered independent.  I find that the two-party system, with their constant toe-the-line bullshit, breeds divisiveness and destroys true opportunities for change and progress in our country and the world at large.

The summation of my overarching view of politics.

We could debate issues all day long; and that’s the beauty of it…we should.  It’s healthy to have differing views among the masses.  It makes for interesting conversation.  But that conversation must go two ways and we shouldn’t be so closed-minded that we lose our sense of humanity and decency, whereby lashing out and attacking each other for our differences.  Rather, we should embrace one another’s viewpoints and realize that every individual is shaped by his or her current situations, past experiences, and ongoing attainment of knowledge.  As opposed to simply asking one another’s viewpoints on a particular subject, let’s choose to look deeper and ask the “why?” and “how?” of one’s coming to form that particular belief or opinion.  Likewise, make an attempt to see how a person’s particular belief has evolved and been shaped over a period of time.

This conversation might take more caffeine than a single cup of coffee…I’m gonna go brew a bigger pot.  It’s your turn to talk…what have I got ya thinking about right now?

– Nurse on Fire

8 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…(4/23/16)

  1. Politics is always an interesting point of discussion as politics affects the way our country is run, and in turn who runs the country affects our lives. I have to agree with you that we have to agree to disagree when talking about politics, and be opened minded. In Australia, it can be hard to talk about politics or even take our political arena seriously. In the last five years, we’ve had five prime ministers.

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    • Thank you very much for commenting. You’re absolutely right that our political leaders impact our lives, as well as the lives of generations to come. I can’t imagine cycling through leaders like you’ve been experiencing…but if one person isn’t getting the job done properly, then they shouldn’t be in there…so maybe it’s not such a bad thing? :-S


      • I don’t know if having five leaders in five years for Australia is a good thing. A few times, we (Australians) have had no say in our PM. There has been internal turmoil in our political parties, leading to some leaders challenging for the top job in the country and getting it that way. Still, Australia is still running and all of us are going about our lives.

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  2. I find it very odd that the media talks about politics practically 24/7, yet most people in their day to day lives do everything they can to avoid discussing it. One would have to assume that the media’s ratings are up, otherwise they would be reporting on another topic. Somebody’s watching it all day!

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    • Very true, and yet I often feel that the”mainstream media” is a big part of the problem as most networks are EXTREMELY one-sided, often breading resentment for the opposite side of most arguments. When we had cable, I primarily watched Fox News programs but now make an attempt to obtain my news from various sources, including Fox, CNN, and primarily the Associated Press, who I generally see as the most unbiased. Getting a more well-rounded picture of the news makes for better conversation and level-heard discussion of the various topics going on. Thanks for the content; very true and thought provoking. 🙂


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