Working in the field that I work in, the epic shit that we sometimes have to experience and be close to can be a bit overwhelming at times.  While I will refrain from going into any details of exactly what I’m referring to, you may glean my message from the remainder of this post.  I just want to tell you that when things like this happen, it has the power to provide an entirely new perspective on life, spotlighting that which is truly important.  Stop whatever you’re doing, right now…seriously, stop reading this.  Go hug your child, your children, your significant other, a family member, your friend, neighbor, coworker, or even a total stranger.  Stop, take a moment, and be truly thankful for the blessings in your life.  Then, and only then, come back to this.

Having a child has been, without a doubt, the most incredible experience of my life.  When I look at my son, the world, and all the ugliness that so often fills it, simply melts away.  In him, I see the good that is possible in mankind.  I see pure and utter joy, and the thought of losing him is so far beyond unfathomable that my heart truly aches for anyone who has experienced such a loss.

Therefore, in celebration of the wonderful blessings in my life, I would like to (sorta) introduce my family to you.  As you may already know, I’m Brandon.  My hilarious and wonderful son’s name is Rowan, and my best friend and loving wife’s name is Cheyenne.  These pictures are from our trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, NE last month.


2016-06-16 23.45.38

While they don’t show our faces, you can let you imagination run wild and think about how cute we are…trust me, we are.  😉

Cherish the rest of your day; have a wonderful Friday and a happy and safe weekend.  And the next time your child is nearby, even if they’re driving you crazy, squeeze them and remind them how incredibly precious they are and how much you love them.  We do these things with our son countless times each and every day.  I plan on getting a few extra ones in today…maybe with a few tears mixed in, as well.

Until next time my friends,


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  1. I’m sorry you had to experience whatever it was in your field (I can only imagine the things that you go through!).

    I’m with you 100% on the kid thing. My daughter who turns 6 tomorrow is the greatest thing in my life. I could not imagine a day without her. She melts my heart with everything she says or does… Ok, almost everything! 🙂

    Truly a blessing and a child can make the horrific things that happen in life seem to fade away for the moment when you’re with them.

    — Jim

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    • You are so incredibly right! Our son changes so much every.single.day. that is astounding to watch. I feel like I’m going to wake up one day very soon and he’s gonna be heading off to college. Our lives are but fleeting moments; I could hold and love him for a million lifetimes and yet it would never be enough. 🙂

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