2016 Goals: June Update

Progress Report


  1. CMSRN credential
    1. Still nothing new here.  I’ve come to the realization that, in all honesty, if I don’t achieve this goal this year, I’m really okay with it.  It’s not going to make-or-break my nursing career in the slightest.  Without a doubt, I will obtain this certification…it’s just not looking favorable that it will be in 2016.
  2. Pay off at least $20,000 of debt.
    1. Paid off $708 this month!  Unfortunately, this is the worst month of debt repayment in 2016…oh well, shit happens  🙂  Year-to-date debt payments stand at $12,084, meaning we are at 60% of our $20k goal for 2016.  Also, despite market losses this month, our net worth saw another month of increase to $8,817, a 15% gain over last month.
  3. Weight loss:  weigh 200 pounds by the end of February (complete) and 185 pounds by the end of April – monitoring with weekly weigh-ins
    1. Current weight is in the 184-185 range with a 34.5 inch waist; no complaints here!
  4. Increased meal planning with eMeals
    1. While we continue to eat healthier, this is still lacking in a fundamentally horrific way.  What minimal free time we’ve had that we could accomplish this (which is after our son goes to bed,) the fact of the matter is that chilling out with some Orange is the New Black on Netflix is far more appealing than actually sitting down to do it.  🙂
  5. Month-to-month junk food buying ban
    1. The ban continues!
  6. Decreased soda :  $24 = 3 cases/month
    1. Not sure on the exact dollar amount spent but, overall, no reportable change.
  7. Using our treadmill for at least 20 minutes per day when off work (sold it last month)
  8. Improved planning and crop yield from the garden
    1. The birds picked our strawberries clean so we’re apparently going to have to buy some netting for next year.  Everything else is sprouting nicely; I’ve hilled the potatoes as high as gravity is allowing and I’m fairly confident that we should have some green beans to harvest in the next couple weeks.  Also this month, we bought a pressure canner and four boxes of canning jars to get us started; this entails some rather pricey startup costs but should definitely pay for itself as the equipment (other than buying new lids) will remain usable for years to come.
  9. Read a minimum of 5 books in 2016
    1. This month, I was reading Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl (book #4 for 2016) but was unable to finish it.  The book is divided into two parts.  Part one, which I finished, was a narrative of Frankl’s experience in the concentration camps with some psychological gleanings from his experience…a truly remarkable read.  Part two, which I have yet to start, delves into his psychological theory called logotherapy.  I know nothing further on the topic; I’ll attempt to comment further once I’ve finished the book.
  10. Increased personal time and appreciation for my wonderful and loving wife, who is the greatest momma I could ever hope to have for our amazing son.
    1. While we’ve only been married a little over two years now, June 28th marked mine and my wife’s 11 years anniversary!  As is usual, I made her a hilarious homemade card, which she loved and got a good laugh from  🙂

      Hallmark ain’t got shit on me  🙂

      She is my greatest friend and the most spectacular mom to our son, Rowan.  I literally have no clue what I’d do without her; nor do I want to find out!  🙂

Thanks for reading!  I hope your goals are progressing well in 2016; please let me know how things are going in the comments below!  🙂

If you’re not yet following along, we would love for you to join us on our journey to financial independence, with all the craziness that is our life in the meantime.  Please follow along through WordPress or sign up to receive updates via e-mail.  Thank you, again, and have an amazing day!

– Nurse on Fire

2 thoughts on “2016 Goals: June Update

  1. It seems like you are making some good head way in many areas of your financial goals. That’s great to see. I need update my 2016 goals, I have not been tracking them well this year. This post has motivated me to do that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Pamela! I’m sorry that I’m just now responding…it’s been a crazy month and, sadly, I haven’t been able to keep up with the blogosphere. I hope you’ve been able to improve your goal-tracking these past couple weeks; it means a lot to me that I’ve provided a little motivation for you. 🙂


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