About the Nurse on Fire Family


My name is Brandon and I am a Registered Nurse, working on a Native American reservation in South Dakota for the Indian Health Service division of the Department of Health and Human Services.  My wife and I have been married for coming up on two years but have been together for the past ten-and-a-half.  We both graduated with Bachelor degrees in May of 2013, mine in nursing (obviously) and hers in Health, Fitness, and Recreation.  We then moved to South Dakota from our home state of Illinois in February of 2014, pregnant with our amazing son, who is now 18 months old!  Our family has been fortunate enough to be afforded the opportunity that my wife is able to stay at home with our son full time and I have the pleasure of walking to work, a mere couple hundred yards from our home.  My wife recently started blogging about her time as a stay-at-home mom; you can read more from her at Love, Laughter, & a Splash of Lunacy.

Our family could not be more excited about working toward being debt free and semi-retired (and, ultimately, financially independent), traveling the country/world, and living the fullest and happiest life possible with our amazing son.

I started this blog in order to chronicle our progress towards our goals, as well as our many adventures along the way.  We hope you will join us for the ride and look forward to talking with and learning from each and every one of you that we are fortunate enough to meet along the way.  Please reach out; we would love to hear from you.  Thank you for stopping by; please stick around and make yourself at home!

– Nurse on Fire and Family


If you would like, you may read All Posts from Start to Present.  Or you may jump to articles in one of the following categories that piques your interest.  Is there anything specific you would like to know, discuss, or hear my perspective on?  Please comment below or on any post…I would love to talk to you about anything.  This is an ongoing learning experience for us and I can’t wait to further my knowledge throughout this process.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you can be notified of new posts.  Once again, thank you so much for stopping by.  Have a wonderful day!

All Posts from Start to Present

Dear Son, Love Dad

Budgeting / Personal Finance

If We Were Having Coffee…

Weekly Photo Challenge

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    • Thank you so much and thanks for stopping by my site to say hello! I’ll be sure to head over and check yours out as well. The journey is wonderful and only a small glimpse at the amazing times ahead. Thanks again! 🙂

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