Personal Finance & The Lion King

Inspired by Vic over at Dad is Cheap‘s post regarding personal finance messages hidden in Beauty and the Beast, which was initially inspired by Sarah at The Yachtless, I’ve decided to write up my own observations from one of my personally favorite Disney movies of all time…The Lion King.

I was about 8 when this movie first came out so, of course, I grew up loving it.  Now, all grown up with a child of my own, I can’t help but notice the more philosophical aspects of the dialogue within the movie.  Recently, I’ve been watching/listening to it while playing with our son and realized that, while there are numerous life lessons to be gleaned, there are at least a couple lessons to be learned that can be applied to the realm of personal finance.  Here they are:

First, I’ve made countless mistakes in my past, both financial and otherwise…and Rafiki the wise baboon is right, they can hurt like hell.  While I still hold on to a certain amount of regret over past decisions, some of which will never subside, it’s a fact that there’s nothing I can ever do to change it.  The only option I have is to learn from those missteps and apply them toward better decision making as we move forward.  In doing so, speaking from a financial standpoint, I will avoid debt whenever possible and continue to set us up on the path to financial independence and early retirement.





Secondly, Timon and Pumbaa’s attitudes and nature are what I envision FIRE to be like.  When they first show Simba their backyard view of paradise, Simba says something like “you guys live here?!” to which Timon replies, “we live anywhere we want.”  Having the freedom to not be tied to a particular geographical location based on a job or specific responsibilities, accompanied by a nest egg capable of supporting our chosen lifestyle for the seemingly indefinite future will certainly lead to a life of “no worries!”


Have you noticed any other parallels between The Lion King and personal finance that I’ve missed?  Please let me know in the comments below!  And if you aren’t already, don’t forget to follow along with my family’s journey; we would love to have you along for the ride and learn about whatever journey you may be on, as well!  🙂

– Nurse on Fire